Rocio Navarro

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I believe that we are our own healers.

I am a healing artist. I work with water intimately and creatively, becoming an extension of her to touch your body and soul so that you remember who you are, and so you can heal yourself. I am a Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Energy and Sound Healer with a Sociology degree/background.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the daughter of migrant parents from Michoacan, Mexico, my practice stems from indigenous based healing, epigenetics, and Women’s Wholeness Medicine fusing water healing techniques to support personal transformation, grief work, sexual trauma, ancestor connection, and womb healing.

My unique work uses water and sound as a SACRED medium to catalyze somatic healing that transcends time and space. Ancestral, intergenerational, conception, womb, birth, and early childhood imprinting gets unveiled through the work. This process allows you to uncover limiting truths and create a more intimate communication with your soul and your healing. 

I’ve been practicing healing arts for 20 years. I curate sacred ritualistic healing experiences with water, and specifically natural bodies of water in nature, to enhance the healing potential of the land. 


Join me for our upcoming sound bath.