Why Water

Water has been used as a sacred ritual and healing throughout the world for millennia.

It is said that life, or our ancestors, emerged from the ocean. 

Water is LIFE.

Water is the feminine. 

Connected to the magnetism of the moon.

As the tides of the ocean pulled by the moon, our inner rhythms do the same thing. 

Working with water is working with the feminine magnetic force of life. 

 It’s the most mutable and receptive element in our life. 

We gestated in the amniotic fluid/womb of our mother. 

Our body and brain is majority water.

 Water holds the imprints of time and space. Intergenerational memory.

 It cleanses, connects, nurtures. 

Water is majority what this earth is made up of connecting land masses, evaporated into the very air that pumps into our heart and lungs. 

Water is in the clouds above us ready to nourish and cleanse our bodies and landscapes when needed. 

We live in water, the fluid space of hydrogen and oxygen.